Welcome to FILA SRL

Here is a quick overview of the products we have created for our different customers, which range from the Automotive, Medical and Electronics sectors to the Pneumatic and Gas&Oil industries.
We operate within the panorama of mechanical machining, with a specific focus on semifinished products of all types of aluminium; in particular, we work with extruded and cast aluminium.
For additional information, please reach us directly via our listed contact channels or through the respective contact-request forms.

About us

FILA SRL opened its doors in 1999 thanks to an initiative driven by the two owners, Andrea Biella and Marco Mauri, who have always worked within the mechanical sector, specifically with die-casting aluminium.
FILA SRL is a young and dynamic environment, always ready to invest in improving technology and expertise in order to better our own experience and adequately cater to any standard of quality required.
The company, on top of offering a wide range of services such as Milling, Turning and Casting equipment devised solely for internal use or for creating industrial moulds for corporate use, has overseen the development of an extremely effective quality control department. This was possible thanks to the advanced metrology room.


We sustained a series of investments in line with advanced technological solutions and quality standards as these are at the base of our company policies. The redundancy of production and control facilities are a MUST in order to guarantee the safety of our customers.

Given the machinery and the company structure in place, this allows us to complete mechanical machining procedures with a thorough precision and absolute flexibility. As a result, we are able to adapt our facilities to the demands of various marketplaces; for example, moving from a 2 shifts production to a 3 shifts one.

As of now, the company offers a range of machinery, divided between machining centres with 4th axis, horizontal machining centres, palletized and non-palletized machining centres, as well as single and multi-spindle lathes for a total of 35 CNC. We also have anthropomorphic robots and an internal department equipped with a professional 3D printer for the creation of prototypes.


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